Steve MacIntyre

The Power of words

Being from Cape Breton, you are born into a world of music. Steve's early years were no different. From a young age he was taken by the marriage of music and lyrics, and began to write and learn to play 

"When I was 12 my parents bought me my first guitar and I fell in love with it" 

It was in his parent's house that he wrote his first song, 'Highland Promise'. This song caught the ear of Ashley MacIsaac some thirty years later, and he asked to perform it together at the 2020 Celtic Colours Festival. Ashley had this to say:

    "I have known Steve for a long time, he has been a constant professional, always on time, always obliging and makes music that in particular, being from Cape Breton, gets to my heart"

Songs of love, loss, travel, and curiosity are the hallmark of this exciting East coast songwriter. Be sure to check out his upcoming self-titled release!