Promotion in pandemic times....

Greetings. I truly hope you're doing well, and keeping it all together while we swim in the turmoil of the new 'normal'.  Things around here haven't changed much. Robyn and I keep our heads down for the most part. We've been trying everyday to create something here that folks might enjoy.  I must confess I like it better in the days where you'd drive around and plaster your town with posters for your next show.  The whole digital age is frightening! I'm learning more all the time though. This lockdown has forced us all; musicians and otherwise, to reinvent ourselves and what we do. 

I've always been a bit of a people watcher.  The stuff that people do, and the 'why' of it all, always fascinated me.  Nowadays I can watch that through my screen in great detail.  The analytics are off the charts, but I miss the smiles and the chats.  I miss being able to see people and shake hands and have a laugh. You can't take the 'human' out of humanity and expect to call it the same thing.  

I've connected with hundreds of new people this past year.  Most of them I've never seen in person.  I don't know that I'd recognize them on the street.  Our relationships consist of blue 'thumbs up', and, if I'm lucky, a digital transaction.  It kind of boggles the mind.  I can have my music in Denmark with the click of a button.  I can have a musician in any country in the world play on my recording. Click, click, send.  Blue thumb......I realize and appreciate the privilege of that while longing for the days of the noisy dancehall. 

The silver lining? People are out there, and they care.  You can't take that from us, huh? Pack animals will always find their pack. If clicks and thumbs are the best we can do, then I implore you to check out the new record. It's a snapshot of what I do, and a glimpse of what's to come. My thumb's up to you!


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