Feeling Blessed

Hello, gang.  I'm off to Mabou tonight to play at the Red Shoe Pub.  This is a special one for me because I realize the significance of the place.  I played there years ago as part of a three piece group, and was lucky enough to get a seat the night they opened the John Morris Rankin stage at Strathspey Place. There was a who's who of East Coast artists there that night. It was magical.  Last night I had the gorgeous backdrop of the St Peters marina while I played the Concert by the Sea series.  My point here is that my surroundings are never lost on me whenever I go to someplace new.  Nowadays folks are looking for any reason to smile, and I'm humbled to give them a small chance to do so. I actually commented last night on how blessed I was.  I mean, think about it.  The sun is shining, there's a cool breeze, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air.  How lucky am I to be paid to perform in these environments?  It's not lost on me.  I get to share my passion with so many good people in some of the most beautiful places.  I'm heading to Mabou  tonight still feeling the St Peters sun on my face.  Life is good, folks.  Please get out there somewhere and take in some live music.  It's important.  Covid hit our industry hard.  We could all use the smiles and support, and I think you could too! I'll see you somewhere down the road.  

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